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Gaining control of the value delivery chain with digital tooling.

A leading global FMCG provider uses real-time channel and consumer purchasing data to reconfigure and drive the value delivery chain.

Want to know what triggers your customers?

Eager to learn how you can boost your channel partners?

Interested to identify any slack in your supply chain?

Get your answers with Integrated Predictive Sales Tooling!

Using consumer insight and big data analytics to reshape value delivery in retail:

Predictive Sales: The collection and analysis of factory data, access to wholesale inventory information, transparency on outlet inventory levels as well as location-based consumer purchasing behavior & trends

And all that in real-time!

The value delivery dashboard provides an aggregated view and transparency across the complete delivery chain.

Making it easier than ever before to to enhance customer touchpoint performance, optimize channel throughput and reveal new sales opportunities.

  • Actionable sales growth opportunities
  • Delivery status on all levels
  • New order patterns
  • Slack in the chain
  • Channel partner performance
  • Potential for profit concentration

Everybody emerges as a winner – the value delivery chain becomes leaner, more robust and competitive.