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How to pick the right software development partner?

It is more important than ever that your software development partner understands your business challenges deeply. Not only the technical solutions you require to compete, but also what it takes for your digital proposition to succeed in the market.

Best-in-class technology expertise must go hand-in-hand with an understanding of business needs, customer requirements, product propositions, your organisation and processes. Our ability to connect these dots and bits is how we create superior value and why our clients prefer to work with us.

Dots & Bits Nearshore Accelerator

We tick all the boxes

  • Your dedicated developer team in Lisbon

  • Local Project Manager aligning business with tech

  • Handpicked & scalable senior developer team

  • Highly secure ISO27001-compliant dev environment

  • Your preferred software stack

  • Legacy IT and ecosystem integration

  • Best-in-class reusable code

  • Upskilling of
    your staff

  • Dots & Bits accountability

  • 30% lower cost

Organizational & Process Integration

Our accelerator enables continuous innovation & delivery

We are experts in your industry and we understand your strategic challenges and pain points. As startup entrepreneurs we know how to create the digital platforms you need to succeed and how to commercialise your new business propositions. Our 300+ top-notch developers design highly performant, secure and scalable solution platforms for global leaders. We transform your software development to achieve world-class digital delivery.

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