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Are you aware that 1 in 5 adults over 40 years of age suffer from diabetes, a number that is projected to double by 2040? Did you know that 50% of type-2 diabetics could be treated through lifestyle changes without the need to take medication?

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and metabolic syndrome have reached epidemic levels and healthcare costs are no longer sustainable. In consequence, the healthcare industry must undergo a fundamental shift from disease-driven, drug-centric sick care to prevention and early non-acute intervention.

Personalized apps, wearable sensors and social networks encourage easy life-logging and behavior change. More knowledgeable consumers can make informed decisions based on real-time metrics. New digital healthcare delivery systems will enable more holistic and personalized risk-based care models.

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We work with healthcare providers, healthtech, pharma & diagnostics companies and insurers to build and accelerate the future of digital-health from strategy through to solution delivery. We design and code mobile applications, integrated healthcare platforms and wireless healthtech solutions. We set up and facilitate industry partnerships to create joint value.

Based on our leading-edge expertise and coding experience we can jump-start or accelerate your digital health projects.

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