Did you know that 90% of all startups fail? (source: Failory 2020)

Most apps and digital platforms struggle to engage and retain users – only 29% of users return to an app at least 1x within 30 days after a period of 90 days (source: Localytics 2018).

In light of these stats, corporates should consider new approaches to managing digital portfolios in order to avoid costly surprises.

Learn from success stories and failures in international or more mature markets and manage your portfolio like a venture capitalist. Ask yourself:

  1. Is the project or venture solving a real market need?
  2. Can you bring what it takes and can you compete?
  3. Is the idea fundable, i.e. can the idea be commercialized and scaled up sufficiently to generate a sizeable business?
  4. Which KPIs should you use to track progress towards success?
  5. When has the moment come to shut down a project?

We at dots&bits take your products & service ideas to the next level – from designing a first MVP to developing, launching and scaling enterprise-grade digital service platforms – and ensure you are addressing real customer needs.

By leveraging our venture capital experience, we can help you clean out your digital portfolio and refocus your efforts on real opportunities. We support your investment decisions with advice on realistic timelines, required budgets, compliance, technology sourcing and necessary performance targets.

Talk to us to learn more about our services.

Source: dots&bits

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